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What if your neighbour's dog spoke to you, asked you to do the unthinkable?

Written by Nick Antosca; Performed by Edgar Oliver; Produced by Jenna Weiss-Berman, Whitney Jones, Andrew Leland, Ross Simonini; Originally broadcast on KCRW's The Organist

This conversation between a dog and his human neighbour takes one into goose bump territory. The writing, the dog’s plight and Edgar Oliver’s marvelous, menacing voice work together to create 6 minutes of audio joy.
— Natalie Kestecher

Natalie and Bassie

'I was grieving the loss of my job when a rejected dog came into my life. She was beautiful, boisterous, and traumatised.  We were expecting the impossible from each other. And then I learned about Kintsugi, the Japanese art of embracing damage.'

Written and Performed by Natalie Kestecher; Sound Engineered by Steven Tilley; Originally broadcast on BBC's Short Cuts Series 13 Tough Love

Kintsugi is the art of re-creating beauty out of something that has been irreparably damaged. In this audio story, Natalie explores her own pain to show us the profound beauty hidden on the other side of human frailty.
— Masako Fukui

Photo by Mary Aughney

In this short audio story, a breeder attempts to keep alive historic canine working breeds, that no longer have a use.

Written and Performed by Joseph Zaresky; Produced by Natalie Kestecher; Originally produced by The Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Radio National

I’ve always loved Joe Zaresky’s strange and beautiful talent for combining pathos with absurdity and fine writing. In The Landlady’s Offer he invites the listener to enter a world that has sprung from his own affinity with and compassion for the underdog, the forgotten dog, the no longer in-fashion dog.
— Natalie Kestecher

'Better a sweater from a dog you know and love than from a sheep you'll never meet.'

From its origins in fifteenth century Spain to the contemporary practice of this fun and ecologically friendly hobby, this story includes tips on harvesting, spinning, garment and odour management.

Written and Performed by Natalie Kestecher; Sound Engineered by Russell Stapleton; Originally broadcast on The Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Radio National

If we take the definition of an audio documentary to be a story in sound that creates an immersive environment through which we can experience certain truths, then this story explores truth, not always factual truth, but an inner truth perhaps, those deeper human questions that are often hard to get at with straight factual exploration. For this reason, Knitting with Dog Hair is to me, strange and exquisitely beautiful.
— Masako Fukui