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Henry's flat white


If your name’s Dennis, why change it to Henry?

Written and narrated by Dennis Funk

Photo by Dennis Funk

What’s in a name? As someone who’s considered changing their name to one that’s easier to pronounce, I get the Dennis/Henry dilemma. But is guilt better than fear?
— Masako Fukui
Photo by Mary R. Vogt at

Passing the torch

Feeling the blood of life on his hands as he delivers his first cow, writer John Connell comes of age.

Written and Performed by John Connell; Sound Engineered by Russell Stapleton; Produced by Claudia Taranto; Originally broadcast on The Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Radio National

Photo of Calf by Mary R. Vogt at

I was surprised to find myself so moved by these strange bovine utterings. Assisting a cow to give birth is such an unexpected yet poignant metaphor for young Irishman John Connell’s rite of passage.
— Masako Fukui
Sydney Tower.jpg

Wayne Funnell's Erotic Poetry inspired by australian State capital cities: Sydney

Naturalist Wayne Funnell exposes a tortured lust for Sydney.

Written, produced and narrated by Wayne Funnell

As I listen to Wayne’s sultry voice and evocative words I am reminded of our days together as nudist tour guides in the Mossman Gorge. How his commentary would make the pant-less walkers pant! How his description of Sydney Tower makes me pant now!
— Naomi Fine


Wayne Funnell's Erotic Poetry inspired by australian State capital cities: Brisbane

Naturalist Wayne Funnell exalts in Brisbane.

Written, produced and narrated by Wayne Funnell

In this ode, Wayne Funnell reveals the erotic in the banality of Brisbane’s Town Hall steps.
— Masako Fukui


Wayne Funnell's Erotic Poetry inspired by australian State capital cities: Adelaide

Naturalist Wayne Funnell, known for his insightful explorations into natural phenomena, is also fascinated by human built phenomena like cities. Here he coddles Adelaide.

Written, produced and narrated by Wayne Funnell

The brevity of these odes to Australian state capitals belies the depth of Wayne Funnell’s rich emotional life. In this ode to Adelaide, in which he expresses the intensity of his passion for Glenelg Pier, we sense the mystery and ambiguity of human eros.
— Masako Fukui


The Story of dusty lee

In this tragic and true story of North Korea's only country and western singer Dusty Lee, naturalist Wayne Funnell provides some linguistic, culinary, and neurological insights into the people of this seemingly unfathomable country, landlocked by its secrets.

Written, produced and narrated by Wayne Funnell; Originally broadcast on The Night Air, Radio National, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Unlike Sir David Attenborough who explains for us the known world, naturalist Wayne Funnell takes us into worlds hitherto unknown and unseen. Interestingly, Wayne Funnell himself has never been sighted, but his legendary adventures live on as audio stories.
— Masako Fukui